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Bird Box

I currently have two bird boxes fitted with cameras and a bird table. All can be viewed from this page and recorded images replayed.The software used is iCatcher from iCode Systems ltd. Primarily intended for CCTV applications, iCatcher is excellent for capturing wildlife. The software is configured to only record when motion is detected. This shows up along the bottom of the playback window in the form of a time-line, clearly showing when there was activity. It can also be configured to generate an email and attach the first few frames of the recording.

Live Stream from Blue Tit box

Select an image (above) and click on it to access iCatcher and see live and recorded images.

Bird Box's are constructed with a small, opaque window in the roof or sides. This lets some natural light into the box during daylight hours and allows the camera to operate in colour. During the hours of darkness, the camera switches to infrared and is fitted with infrared LED's which provide illumination, however, to the naked eye (and the bird inside), the box appears completely dark.

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